March 2012 Spotlight: International



South Korea

Costa Rica

Five foreign exchange students (from four different countries) are now attending Quigley Catholic High School, and QCHS students have welcomed and accepted them into the family.  Their capabilities in the English language range from satisfactory to good, and all Quigley Catholic students, international and American, are learning and understanding how difficult total immersion in another country and culture can be.  Above all, the students at QCHS are showing a great deal of patience with one another.  This has been a great experience for the American students, as they have readily learned to be aware of other cultures and attitudes and are extremely helpful to their new classmates.  The international students show no frustration in facing the challenge of learning English even though some have a monumental challenge in that they must learn, speak, and write using an entirely new alphabet and phonetic structure.

The entire Quigley Catholic family has benefitted from these students. Their tenacity, willingness to learn, social adeptness and self-confidence set an example for students and teachers alike.  We hope that each and every one of them knows that they are now a major part of the Quigley Catholic family.