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Becoming a Part of the Quigley Catholic Family

Choosing the right high school...
is a process that takes careful consideration and ample time.  The Admissions Department at Quigley Catholic High School hopes that your visit to this website and our campus will help you along that path.  If you have any questions throughout your high school search, please call or email us and we will be happy to help!

Quigley Catholic’s mission…
is distinct and different. As a member of the Diocese of Pittsburgh we are a Catholic co-educational college preparatory school with a unique vision—placing a priority not only on an excellent academic program, but also on developing young men and women in our mission of faith, knowledge and service.

We are proud that our graduates…
matriculate to college each year, and equally proud of their Christian service to those in need in our community. While we boast high SAT scores and acceptance rates to colleges and universities, it is watching our young men and women grow in faith and confidence that truly sets us apart.

High school is an exciting time…
in every student’s life. The good news is that here at Quigley Catholic High School the opportunities for a strong faith based and college preparatory secondary education are plentiful.

I am interested in becoming a member of the Quigley Catholic family.  What’s next?

Come to our Open House

Please contact the Admissions department for a private tour!

Shadow a Spartan 

Please call the admissions office to schedule a shadow day. (724) 869-2188

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If you need additional date options, please contact the Admissions Office at 724.869.2188 x26.  

Schedule a Tour

Call 724.869.2188  x26 for an individualized appointment.

Apply- Application process/apply now!

Class of 2022: Incoming freshmen

Applicants applying to grade nine are to complete the following requirements;

     *Application for admission is below

     *Entrance Exam: see below

Click here to view and print the Application Packet

Quigley Catholic Placement Exam for Candidates for the Class of 2022:

Click here for the entrance exam form.

Math Placement Exams will be scheduled at partner schools or at Quigley on a case-by-case basis in the Spring.

 Additional Useful Information


FREE busing is provided to 17 SCHOOL DISTRICTS including:



Pine Richland


Tuition - 2017/2018*

$8,900.00    - Catholic Students - Yearly Pastor Verification Required

$  - Non-Catholic Students

Financial aid is based on a completed FACTS online application. 

*Additional fees apply.


Scholarship Opportunities

Quigley Catholic High School offers an array of scholarship opportunities, both need–based and merit.  Scholarships have different criteria and are contingent upon application to Quigley Catholic High School as well as participation in our Entrance Exam.

Scholarship Essay Contest Topic and Guidelines

Richard R. Grandey Scholarship Application



International Admissions and Tuition Rate - 2018/2019*

TUITION RATE 2018/2019:  $13,900.00

                  Mandatory Fee:  $400.00

                  Total                 $14,300.00

Additional Fee for new students: $400.00 (One-time processing fee)

Additional fees may apply: (AP Classes, Field Trips, Uniforms, Extracurricular Activities, etc.)

In addition to the regular application process, international students must: 

  • Speak English and be approved by the Director of Admissions and Principal for admission.
  • The student must submit results of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) proficiency test to Quigley Catholic High School together with the application documents and current teacher evaluations.
  • Pay a full year of tuition in advance at the international student rate.
  • Secure a guardian and have him/her visit with the Principal to discuss guardianship responsibilities as listed:

Student must live with the guardian.
Guardian must arrange for the transportation of the student to and from school.
Guardian must make sure that the student is at school every day – on time.
Guardian will be responsible for working with Quigley Catholic High School if any problems arise.
Guardian will be the contact person and accept parental/guardian responsibility for emergencies, etc. 

After all regular admission and international student requirements are met, if the student is admitted and has paid the first year’s tuition,the student will be issued an I-20 and a Letter of Acceptance. At that time, he/she must go to the immigration office with the I-20 and admissions letter to receive permission to attend school in the United States of America. If an international student is unable to secure a visa after the tuition has been paid, Quigley Catholic High School will refund 91% of the tuition amount to the student. The 9% processing fee will be retained to cover costs incurred by the school in the admission process.

*Additional fees apply.

Beginning the admissions process for high school can be overwhelming. 

We hope this information makes this process a little easier.  

If you have additional questions please contact us at: or 724.869.2188  x226