Proven Success

Quigley Catholic High School continues to demonstrate success. Year after year.

We are a small school with big results.

Quigley Catholic High School is consistently recognized as a Catholic High School of Excellance in the nation. This prestigious honor is well merited, as we have been setting the highest educational standards across the nation for years. Below are just some of our successes.

  • Our students’ SAT scores are higher than other public, religious and private schools nationwide.
  • Our senior classes have a 100% graduation and college acceptance rate.
  • Our seniors receive an average of $160,000 in college scholarship offers per student.

We are focused on traditional academic skills.

At Quigley Catholic, we know that developing skills in writing, speaking, math, science, and history are central to a solid education. These skills are critical in order to be successful in today’s world. Our students also benefit from course offerings in the arts, which are key to developing well-rounded individuals. As a traditional Catholic school, religion classes are central to our curriculum. Our faith-based, academic education develops analytical thinkers who are life-long learners and active in their churches and communities, and who are prepared to meet the personal challenges that occur throughout the course of a lifetime.

We are disciplined.

Quigley Catholic provides an educational environment that is challenging and disciplined, creating boundaries that help guide our students spiritually, intellectually and culturally. This, along with our solid foundation in faith, morals and values, helps cultivate personal growth and success. As a small school, Quigley Catholic is able to foster a strong sense of family. Our staff, students and their families offer a community of care and support for each other, creating tight-knit bonds that last a lifetime. 

We are effective.

Quigley Catholic graduates are prepared to face the world. Not only are they proving to be successful in college, but also beyond. Stepping into professional careers, Quigley Catholic alumni develop into mature adults ready to better the world and further their commitment to the Church.