Quigley Catholic High School first opened its doors to students in September of 1967. The 440 students came to the new school while construction of the building was still being finished around them. Growth and construction of one sort or another has been going on ever since. Quigley Catholic is the first and only regional Catholic high school in Beaver County. Quigley Catholic, although a relatively young school, nevertheless, has a proud heritage of education in this area from its two parent institutions, Mt. Gallitzin High School and St. Veronica High School. The Sisters of St. Joseph opened Mt. Gallitzin High School for girls in September, 1934 at the suggestion of Bishop Hugh C. Boyle. Convent facilities were expanded to include the new high school along with the academy for boys which had been open since 1902.

The first class graduated in 1938, the centennial year of Baden Township. The school offered both academic and commercial courses and was noted for its broad cultural program and the individual attention and direction given to each student. Most of the girls were commuters, save some boarders who were preparing to the Congregation of the Sisters. At the time of the consolidation in 1967, the student enrollment was 245. St. Veronica High School was opened in September, 1924, under the supervision of Fr. John Martin, pastor, and the Sisters of St. Joseph who staffed the new parish high school. Seventeen students were in the first graduating class. Growth continued so quickly that within 15 years new space was desperately needed. Rev. James O’Connell and Rev. Paul Nee continued the education expansion at St. Veronica’s. A building at 5th and Beaver Road was obtained through cooperation from the Ambridge School board in 1945. When a new school for elementary level students was built in 1959, the high school eventually moved back to its original home on Melrose Avenue. At the time of the consolidation in 1967 the enrollment of 243 included students from many other parishes besides St. Veronica.

Mission Statement

Quigley Catholic High School is a Roman Catholic, college preparatory, co-educational secondary school. With gospel values as its foundation, Quigley Catholic strives to form faith-filled disciples of Christ, life-long learners who will contribute to the common good of the Church and the world.  We do this through the collaborative efforts of all of the members of the Quigley Catholic community.


Quigley Catholic High School recognizes that every person is uniquely created in the image and likeness of God the Father, redeemed by his Son, and given life by the Holy Spirit.  Quigley Catholic  accepts the mission to proclaim this good news and seeks to develop a challenging educational environment in which Jesus Christ is encountered in teaching, in community, and in service.  As a school, Quigley Catholic is dedicated to the spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and cultural development of its students within a disciplined learning environment.  The ultimate educational goal is the formation of a mature Christian who will integrate intellectual knowledge and Catholic faith values to better the world and further the Kingdom of Christ.

About the Namesake of Quigley Catholic


“…This new school has been named in honor of the late and beloved Monsignor Thomas J. Quigley, who was Superintendent of Schools from August 1939 to December 1955. This extraordinary priest served the diocese, its schools, and the general community as a spiritual leader and an accomplished educator from 1931 until his untimely death in 1960. No man gave so much to education or to the Church as did he. In every area of education he was outstanding. Readily recognized as a leader by public and non-public educators, this priest contributed, in an extraordinary way, to the development of education for all children and for all segments of our community. It is significant that the priests of Beaver County voted by an overwhelming majority to dedicate this school in his memory. In this way they hoped to memorialize and to express appreciation for a life spent in improving both the city of God and the city of humankind. Dedicated priest, scholarly educator, prolific writer, able administrator, but most of all a man committed to a cause – this was Monsignor Quigley. And while we honor his memory by naming this school after him, we do, in fact, honor this school by using his name and identifying it with all that is good in education and community life.”

Auxiliary Bishop, Most Reverend John B. McDowell (then, Superintendent of Schools) April, 1968 from the Dedication of Quigley Catholic High School Bishop John J. Wright saw the need of expanding the Diocesan presence in a regional Catholic high school to serve the people of the Beaver Valley.

In 1966, under the supervision of Bishop McDowell, this land was purchased from the Sisters of St. Joseph and ground was broken. The formal dedication and blessing of the building took place on April 28, 1968. The school opened under the leadership of Father Robert J. Reardon as Headmaster and with the excellent guidance of Sister St. Bede Downey, CSJ, who continued to serve Quigley Catholic for many years until her death. Additional principals have been Rev. George Leech, John S. Hoehl, Sr. Anna Marie Gaglia, CSJ, Rev. Ronald R. Cellini, Rev. David C. Menegay, Dr. Madonna Helbling and, our current principal, Mrs. Rita McCormick.  Those alumni who were here in the opening days of unfinished rooms and mud, come back to be impressed by the beautiful campus Quigley Catholic has today. Some of those students in the first graduation classes now have children of their own in these halls. Quigley Catholic continues to grow…